Fish Fact #13

The tiniest fish is the Stout Infant Fish at a quarter of an inch.

Pick Your Piri-Piri Sauce

This is a sauce with some history: Its primary ingredient, a particular hot chili known as the African Birds eye chili (Piri-Piri) comes from the New World via the Portuguese, who brought it to their colonies of Mozambique and Angola in Southern Africa. This fiery, fragrant sauce is equally common in Portugal and Africa these days, and goes wonderfully with grilled fish or shrimp. Humdingers has this wonderful, fresh, zesty sauce in 4 different heat levels namely:

Lemon and Herb
No heat, just the wonderful taste of fresh vegetables with an array of herbs and spices

This one has the same great taste with a little heat added

The heat level steps up a notch, same flavor

Extra Hot
This is the hottest Humdingers has, but it still retains the mouthwatering flavor of the Piri-Piri